Sunday, 29 December 2013

'Just hold on we're going home...'

I hate to admit it. Really haaaate. But I have to, it is time for a confession. There is no escape. I'm beauty crushing on the Kardashians. And the Jenners. The whole blooming clan. 

Number One- Kylie

She rocks the dark lipsticks like no other. What can I say. Dark purple, scarlet red, deeper burgundy hues. All I can say is I wish my lips were in tip top condition so I could be a lipstick chameleon like Kylie. 

Number Two- Kendall

So naturally darn beautiful she could rock any look. But it was the photos from the annual K-Dash/Jenner Christmas Eve party that truly caused me to crush on her. Honestly, check our her Instagram for picks of the night. Stunning. 

Number Three- Kourtney

Since this amazing piece on Into the Gloss. Using the terms Kardashian and low maintenance in one sentence may provide us with an oxymoron, but this is truly what she seems. Glowing, natural and healthy, and fond of a good old winged eyeliner. 

(Pictures, Pinterest) I haven't decided on Kim, beauty wise. I'm loving the blonde hair, but the makeup is a little OTT. I'll come to it. 

'To love beauty is to see light.' Victor Hugo

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